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[% USE Dumper %]

[% Dumper.dump(variable) %]
[% Dumper.dump_html(variable) %]


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This is a very simple Template Toolkit Plugin Interface to the Data::Dumper module. A Dumper object will be instantiated via the following directive:

[% USE Dumper %]

As a standard plugin, you can also specify its name in lower case:

[% USE dumper %]

The Data::Dumper Pad, Indent and Varname options are supported as constructor arguments to affect the output generated. See Data::Dumper for further details.

[% USE dumper(Indent=0, Pad="<br>") %]

These options can also be specified in lower case.

[% USE dumper(indent=0, pad="<br>") %]


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There are two methods supported by the Dumper object. Each will output into the template the contents of the variables passed to the object method.


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Generates a raw text dump of the data structure(s) passed

[% USE Dumper %]
[% Dumper.dump(myvar) %]
[% Dumper.dump(myvar, yourvar) %]


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Generates a dump of the data structures, as per dump(), but with the characters <, > and & converted to their equivalent HTML entities and newlines converted to <br>.

[% USE Dumper %]
[% Dumper.dump_html(myvar) %]


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Simon Matthews <>


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Copyright (C) 2000 Simon Matthews. All Rights Reserved.

This module is free software; you can redistribute it and/or modify it under the same terms as Perl itself. last modified 12:50:49 30-Jul-2020
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